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All we need is the height and width of your space, just measure the height and width of your wardrobe opening and we will do the rest. Your sliding wardrobe doors are designed to fit your space perfectly.  Don’t worry if your opening is not completely level or parallel, our Elegance sliding wardrobes can be adjusted to allow for these conditions.

To ensure your made to measure wardrobe sliding doors fit perfectly in your space, please follow these simple steps to measuring:

1. Measuring Height

Our Elegance top track system will accommodate up to 20mm in height difference. Measure at three places – the centre and both ends eg. at A, B and C.

IMPORTANT – Use the smallest measurement when supplying us with height measurements.

2. Measuring Width

Check the walls with a spirit level to see if they bow or curve. Our optional strike plate will allow you to level up to 15mm using packers (not supplied). If you have coving and skirting you will need to remove a section of them to slide the strike plate in before installing. Measure in two places top and bottom. Please ensure you measure (A) above any skirting board and (B) below any coving that may hinder wardrobe installation.

IMPORTANT – Use the largest measurement when supplying us with width measurements.

NOTE – both top and bottom tracks are supplied over length to allow you to trim them to exact requirements.


3. General Info

We only require the dimensions of your opening space and not your door sizes.

When giving us the measurements enter the largest width dimensions and the smallest height dimensions.

  1. Measure the width and height of your space.  Measure ceiling to floor heights in at least three places. Check your measurements twice to ensure accuracy.
  2. We only require the dimensions of your opening space and not your door sizes.
  3. Our maximum height for our sliding wardrobes ranges is 2500mm.
  4. We will work out all the measurements for the tracking system and frames.
  5. Maximum width for wardrobe sliding doors are 1070mm. Two doors will be a maximum width of 2140mm, three doors will be a maximum width of 3210 and a four door kit is 4280mm.  If your space needs more than five doors, contact us for a quote.
  6. You may need to think about removing skirting boards and cornices before installing which will ensure a perfect fit. If you are installing on carpet it may be best to remove a section and replace with timber. This will ensure a stable bottom track.
  7. You may need an end panel to finish your wardrobe at one end.
  8. If you need any help call one of friendly staff for assistance.